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OSCal now iCalico

September 20th, 2006

Bit slow following up on this one, but thanks all for your comments/emails/whatnots suggesting better names for OSCal.

Not sure it counts as better, but we went with iCalico. (which means I really need to get the ical working properly)

And all props to Evan for getting an instance up for EuroOSCON. (as is Rails’ wont, more complicated to deploy then it was to write, really)

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Help Please – OSCal Needs a Name!

September 6th, 2006

OSCal needs a name.

I never liked OSCal, but I couldn’t argue with the late night logic of “OScal – the OSCON Calendar” on the grounds of simplicity. And I might be talked into “OSCal – the EuroOSCON calendar”, but we all draw the line at “OSCal – the RailsConf Europe calendar”.

Plus we’ll be open sourcing it as soon as Rabble or I get a free moment, at which point the name gets really silly.

So, um, help? Good names needed. (not to mention short domains)

Rhymes with Orange?

Concepts I’ve been playing with: conference, event, calendar, social, schedule, discovery, interests, open, network, mob, triage, simple.

ONU – OSCal is Not Unix?

Best I came up with was “decafe” for “decentralized calendar for events”, which had potential except nobody likes decafe (and was already taken).

Not that I suggest you limit your creativity to the rather unfortunate geek tendency towards acronyms, short, pronounceable, and easy to understand when read over a loud speaker at the front of a echoing conference hall.

We need you, you’re our only hope.

(On a related note, I found that a .info domain name caused confusion and consternation among the presumably top percentile net savvy crowd at OSCON)

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Features for OSCALv2

July 27th, 2006
  • browse by location, location centric info
  • author clouds (done!), with pictures!
  • ajaxy add (done!), expand
  • popular events, by slot
  • my schedule grid layout for visual conflict resolution
  • mobile (done!)
  • comments
  • better social discovery, recently updated schedules, friends, etc
  • add new talk, add new location
  • better ics
  • get it in a pulic svn repository

Used OSCAL, got feedback? Lert us know

I’d also hope that getting it out a few days before the conference started would allow people to markup, and comment talks to allow better fits between talks and attendees, “I saw this talk at Etech, it rocks!”, “beginnner-oriented”, “microsoft shill”. You know.

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Social Scheduling for OSCON

July 25th, 2006

It started as a random idea on the train on Friday, but didn’t become real until yesterday afternoon (aka the first day of OSCON) when Rabble and I sat down at Stumptown and banged out a new scheduling app.

OSCAL is a tool for building a list of talks you’re interested in going to, and discovering what talks others are going to. Its a tag-enabled, all social, calendaring app, written in Rails, in about 6 hours. Take it for a spin, we like it.

Version 2.0 may or may not come out sometime tonight, with search, comments, user submitted events, and SMS notifications.

Version 2.0 or not though, the app worked, I’m much more excited about tomorrows sessions, and as you can see deeply divided about what to attend

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