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All Purple

June 24th, 2006

Les is going to be joining here in the happy valley, while Hugo has left the W3C(!?!?!) to join as well.

(And soon, we’ll return to some non-Yahoo-centric blogging)

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Aggregating People

May 1st, 2006

Maybe its just splash from Richard [talking about it], but I saw a bunch of twitter about peoplefeeds today. And I have the same problem I had with SuperGlu, I really don’t need help aggregating my own content, I made it, I shot it, I wrote it, I posted it. I got it already. I wish someone would build a decent DLA of other peoples’ content. If you need a spec email me and we can talk. Interestingly enough 30Boxes, a calendar, does the best job to date that I’ve seen. (43* is in a slightly different space)

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