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Excerpted from Developing Feeds with RSS and Atom

June 5th, 2005

Ben Hammersley on Magpie

The most popular parser in PHP, and arguably the most popular in use on the Web right now, is Kellan Elliott-McCrea’s MagpieRSS. As I write this, it stands at version 0.7, a low number indicative of modesty rather than product immaturity. MagpieRSS is a very refined product indeed.

Thanks Ben!

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In Print

October 6th, 2004

From a /. review of Beginning PHP5 and MySQL

W. Jason Gilmore and Apress have put together an impressive volume, both in girth and content, in Beginning PHP 5 and MySQL…(skip boring book review filler)…the next ten chapters delve deeper into PHP’s file and operating system functions, web form integration, http authentication, file upload management, LDAP, session management (one of the best aspects of PHP and incredibly easy to use), Web Services (SOAP, SimpleXML extensions as well as NuSOAP and MagpieRSS — cool stuff!)

I’ll say cool stuff.

update: 7 well written pages on Magpie. Can’t comment on the rest of the book (not the target audience), but the 7 pages I read were solid.

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Seattle PI on Wireless Cafes

July 2nd, 2004

The Seattle Post-Intelligencer is running a story on wireless coffee shops in Seattle. Wifimug features prominently which is fun, even if they didn’t use any of my best lines. (which is what one always says, right?)

Interestingly since it ran, WifiMug has been overwhelmed with people whom didn’t understand the wiki, and kept deleting the home page, (only 1 case of intentional defacement, and that was after the front page was already a wreck), plus several of the mentioned companies adding inappropriately commercial pitches.

I finally locked the front page, and need to think a bit more closely about how to solicit contributions (which until now have flowed in smoothly)

Still its always fun to see yourself in print, and this was no exception. Thanks to Jon, and Jeff who spotted it first.

update: Wow, no one told me it was on the front page! Also I’ve unlocked the front page of wifimug, lets see if it survives this time.

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