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How do I create a Thunderbird message filter for an attachment type?

October 12th, 2007

I want to create a rule in Thunderbird that forwards every email I recieve that has an .ics attachment (aka meeting requests) to an abitrary address.

And I can’t figure out how to do it.

Help me Lazy Web! You’re my only hope.

Email: Tag and Release, Part 1

August 2nd, 2006

So a few months ago I started checking email again over POP3. (Go ahead, I’ll give you a minute to recover from your shock and dismay)

I’ve been using Apple and found that I’m totally drowning under a flood of email that is barely a trickle of what I cope with through GMail. And I’m paid to deal with this stuff. Ugh. A better solution is clearly needed.


Is is too much to ask in 2006 that I might hope for a desktop application with the speed, flexibility, and responsiveness of a webapp? What I’d give for a GMail like client, with hackability, security, and offlineableness. (That was a hint!)

Working Notes on Thunderbird

I’ve only been using Thunderbird for a few hours now, but I’ve made some tweaks which make me think this might work.

Following these instructions, I’ve got the Buttons extension, which includes an “Archive” button. From there I assign a default Archive folder, and use keyconfig to bind archiving to ‘A’. While I’m in there bind delete to ‘D’. Nirvana!

Non-working Notes on Thunderbird

I describe my email coping strategy as “tag and release”. (it doesn’t work terrible well as my correspondents can tell you, but it keeps me sane). Respond (or not), tag a message, and get it the hell out of my inbox.

So now I’ve got release working, what about tag? Well I had high hopes for Tag the Bird. Unfortunately its mangling my emails beyond recognizability, and the UI needs a bit of work. I’ve got an email out to the developer so I’m keeping my fingers crossed. Expect updates, and watch the stream for XUL tutorials.

On Migrating

Mark’s right, emlx sucks, emlxconvert doesn’t work. JWZ’s fared better for me. Haven’t spotted obvious problems yet, but I only ran it against a 2 month old account as well. Still this sucks.

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Dealing with the Time Change

November 1st, 2005

Les and Russell are talking about how much the lack of light this time of year sucks. (Russell living in the Bay Area has got a lot of nerve, but whatever) Here is my strategy.

Rise early. No really, keep your body on daylight savings time as long as possible whatever it takes (cutting the caffeine at 3, night caps, exercise) but get to bed early, and get up to catch that early morning light. Once you’re up bathe in it, go for walks, open all the curtains, you get the idea.

Then in the afternoon, while its still light out pull the curtains, and turn on all the lights. Cut off all contact with the outside world. (helps if your office is a remodeled closet.) Crank the music up, turn the screen brightness up, and try to ignore the outside world for as long as possible.

Doing this I can generally get a full days work in before the “I can’t believe its dark already” blues kick in, and sap my will to live.

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Morning Thoughts

March 30th, 2005

I’m going through an interesting life/work phase (dear god, let it be a phase), where I seem to be able to spend all day on the phone/email and still not talk with half the people I’m supposed to talk with. Exhausting, how do power communicators, though professionally highly connected nodes, do it?

But today, “Today!”, he says, “We write code!” (having just finished off a coder’s breakfast of a bagel, lots of egg and cheese [coding has high protein requirements], and a pot of coffee)

Today’s thought: It’s all spinning wheels and self doubt until the first pot of coffee.

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