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Google Map Anomalies

March 11th, 2005

Google Maps is very cool, on so many levels, its hard to know where to start (definitely the long wake), but it does have some odd quirks.

Check out this map of the booming metropolis of Roger Williams National Park between Pawtucket and Cranston. (hint for those who haven’t lived in the Ocean State, Rhode Island seems to have misplaced it’s capitol.)

update: you now have to zoom out one notch to see Providence disappear.

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Coffee Kids for Sumatra

January 11th, 2005

Coffee Kids has an emergency relief fund for Sumatra.

I’ve been meaning to blog this, but was reminded by the notes from Jlynn’s home schooling, and by Tonx.

Coffee Kids is a very cool organization run, in part out of Coffee Exchange, where I spent a significant portion of the year I lived in Providence.

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Where in the Country?

December 4th, 2004

Still in procrastination mode. Sorry to anyone who subscribes to this feed for substance. (anyone?)

Found an online survey Find Your Spot, which purports to recommend where in the US you might like to live. I found the results interesting.

In order: Little Rock (??), Portland, Baltimore (??), Honolulu (does everyone get that?), DC, Providence, Eugene, Santa Cruz, New Haven, Boston, Corvallis, Hartford, Ventura (??), San Francisco, Baton Rouge (??), New Orleans (totally ignored my comments on humidity), Fayetteville, Charleston, Sacramento (no thank you!), Santa Barbara, Salem (OR), Frederick (MD), Worcester

Little Rock? As the #1 place I should move? I have my doubts.

I’m surprised by how many Southern cities were on the list since I’ve never considered living in the South and I’ve thought about living all over the world. I wonder if the problem is me or the website? Also tended to skew towards smaller cities then I would have expected.

Interestingly I’ve either lived in, been to, or grew up in almost every city on the list. (and frankly I’m a little surprised Seattle didn’t make the cut)

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Made it home (Santa Cruz)

May 30th, 2003

Flying, an activity I used to enjoy, is becoming miserable. The interminable lines, the ridiculous security, the half assed cost cutting measures really add up to a degraded expirence. I flew Southwest for the first time in a while, as opposed to making the trek down to New York to fly Jetblue. It cost a bit more (~$80), but the hassle of getting to the airport was significantly reduced.

A Few Thoughts

I am not impressed with the new heightened security. I was wandering around in my stocking feet, demostrating that yes my laptop turned on, and no I didn’t have a bomb in my coffee cup, and well on my way to inflitrating the American skies before anyone noticed that when I checked in Southwest gave me the wrong ticket, a ticket for one “John Kenner”, easy to see how that might be confused with the “Kellan Elliott-McCrea”. (then they tried to convince me I didn’t have a reservation because Sabre can’t deal with hyphens in names)

I hate the open seating policy. Its a smug piece of social engineering to get people to show up early, and board the place quickly, but it brings out the worst in people. Feeding frenzy/mob at the boarding gate is ugly.

After the ongoing cold gray in Providence, and a brief exposure to the blistering 110 degree heat in Phoenix (you couldn’t pay me to live there) it is wonderful to be in Santa Cruz where the weather is perfect.

Being in the house of Mac, I’m going to try to steal away some time to finish a redesign of this site I’ve been playing with, something slightly less generic, don’t expect wonders, but at least it won’t look quite so generic. (though it will probably damage my search ratings, not using MT’s well optimized layout, ah well)

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February 28th, 2003

GeoURL recently put me in touch with a fellow Providence blogger similarly struggling with the vagaries of RSS aggregation, community publishing, and Udell evangelism (which I’ve been falling down on lately). He also promises to proselytize this all to the educational computing community (who don’t even know what Zoe is!), but apparently they aren’t using good enough RSS aggregators to keep up.

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Like Hell

January 30th, 2003

For all those threads, and mailing lists I’ve walked out on, for those comments left unanswered, and emails unreplied to. Sorry. I feel like hell. Sick as a dog, and an enflamed wisdom tooth. On the up side, apparently it warmed up enough to snow last night. Now I’m going to go crawl back into bed.

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On Going Home

December 20th, 2002

Being without a car in this culture is always a strange expirence, sometimes its frustrating, a few times its surreally sublime. My recent voyage home for the holidays started Monday, 10:30am, Dec 16th and ended Wednesday, 11am, Dec 18th.

  1. Walk out Jasmine’s door, carrying Tom Bihn shoulder bag for laptop, and large reg Gregory backpack for everything else.
  2. Walk 4 blocks to Orange line.
  3. Take Orange line to Ruggles stop.
  4. Stop have lunch with Jasmine.
  5. Catch communter train from Ruggles to Providence.
  6. Walk 4 blocks to Kennedy Plaza.
  7. Catch 99 RIPTA bus to 43 Doyle (the new house) to meet the new landlords.
  8. Catch it back.
  9. Kill 2 hours at AS220.
  10. Catch 69 bus back to Kennedy Plaza.
  11. Take Greyhound to Port Authority.
  12. Pray feverently that the New York transit workers will not go on strike.
  13. Take the 7 out to Queens for the night.
  14. Take the 7 back to Port Authority.
  15. Take the A to Howard Beach.
  16. Catch the shuttle bus from Howard Beach to JFK.
  17. Fly to Oakland International.
  18. Wait for AirBART to start running (6:05AM)
  19. Take AirBART to BART Colesium.
  20. Take BART to Embarcadero stop
  21. Transer to N-Judah, and take to Caltrains depot.
  22. Take Caltrains to San Jose Diridon.
  23. Transfer to Amtrak bus, and take to downtown Santa Cruz.
  24. Call home, and plaintively asked to be picked up in a car.

Read: Magician: Apprentice, Magician: Master, Talking God, and Driving Mr. Albert.


October 23rd, 2002

The weather outside can’t make up its mind. Does it want to sleet or snow? I figured the trees were still covered in green leaves, I still had time to find winter coat and boots. Now I guess I’m stuck inside until May. :(

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