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Some EC2, Fedora, Rails, Mongrel, Memcached Links

April 12th, 2007

I had done some futzing around with EC2, but ExpoCal is the first web app I’ve brought up and run on it. Also my first outing with Fedora. Some links:

Also some yum’ed packages:

yum install sudo gcc ruby ruby-libs ruby-mode ruby-rdoc ruby-irb ruby-ri ruby-docs ruby-devel rsync ruby-mysql.i386 mysql mysql-devel mysql-server mysql-admin httpd-devel apr apr-devel apr-util-devel subversion libevent

Twitter, Ruby, and Scaling

April 12th, 2007

Alex gave a phenomenal interview on Twitter and Rails a couple of weeks ago. This morning its all over the Net — but folks I think are taking the wrong lessons from it.

  1. Ruby is dead slow. This is not news, though it can be surprising when you’re used to thinking about scripting languages as all being roughly equal.

  2. Rails trades developer performance for framework performance. Also not news, as this has been the mantra of Rails since day 1.

More importantly he gives a quick insight into the how of making social software scale. It’s hard, it has ugly network effects, it makes databases cry. Alex mentions cache like mad. (because frankly no one but the content creator needs to see fresh data)

Also denormalize like mad, federate like mad, and prune features that make your site slow. (and these are the same techniques that they’re working on behind the scenes at Twitter, and that we use to scale Flickr).

You’ll never build a successful site if you build to scale from day 1, scaling is always a catch up game, but it’s the best game there is.

(And yes, this is my all Twitter all the time blog week)

update: Blaine, lead Twitter engineer, is giving a talk on how they scale Rails/Twitter next weekend at the Rudy SD Forum. (which has done a terrible job of publicizing its existence, but has a pretty killer looking line up)

OSCal now iCalico

September 20th, 2006

Bit slow following up on this one, but thanks all for your comments/emails/whatnots suggesting better names for OSCal.

Not sure it counts as better, but we went with iCalico. (which means I really need to get the ical working properly)

And all props to Evan for getting an instance up for EuroOSCON. (as is Rails’ wont, more complicated to deploy then it was to write, really)

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Social Scheduling for OSCON

July 25th, 2006

It started as a random idea on the train on Friday, but didn’t become real until yesterday afternoon (aka the first day of OSCON) when Rabble and I sat down at Stumptown and banged out a new scheduling app.

OSCAL is a tool for building a list of talks you’re interested in going to, and discovering what talks others are going to. Its a tag-enabled, all social, calendaring app, written in Rails, in about 6 hours. Take it for a spin, we like it.

Version 2.0 may or may not come out sometime tonight, with search, comments, user submitted events, and SMS notifications.

Version 2.0 or not though, the app worked, I’m much more excited about tomorrows sessions, and as you can see deeply divided about what to attend

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Morale-O-Meter Goes Public|Social

May 31st, 2006

Erik Benson’s awesome Morale-O-Meter is now publicly available! My favorite tool since Allconsuming (or maybe LoB). Just don’t stab to close to Buzz, that man is wild. (like you needed a webapp to tell you that)

update: So I’m confused, when entering hours slept for a day, is that the hours you woke up with, or the hours you ended the day with? Or maybe just the hours that occured during the 24 hour period. How can I be sure my reporting is accurate!!?!

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