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On Aging and Social Security

August 25th, 2004

It’s a fixture of popular culture, the young feeling 20-30 something who comes face to face with a younger generation who describes old as something the 20-30 year old has already attained.

Happened to me tonight. I had a group of UW students sit down at the table next to me, and they started talking about one of their siblings who was 27, which they universally agreed was OLD.

Interestingly they also were joking/fretting about graduating from UW next year with nothing on their resumes except “Summer Camp, age 16”.

Which reminded me of a letter I received from Social Security yesterday (on nice, heavy, off-white paper) informing me that:

  • I now qualify for Social Security
  • if I went on disability now I’d qualify for $1,500+/monthly
  • if we don’t change the laws Social Security will be depleted by 2042 (the year I turn 65).

Then, some what shockingly, they listed my past 13 years of taxable income. I can’t believe its already been that long. How did it go by so fast?

Selling Resume Placement

August 17th, 2003

I just noticed that my resume is getting between 200-300 views a week, mostly from people searching for “resume software engineer”, but also searching for “resume web developer” (page 3), and various combinations involving more specific technologies like JSP, PHP, MySQL, and XML. (and one disappointed soul who searched for “resume san francisco postgres”, sorry can’t help you)

I was just thinking, thats pretty serious traffic, I wonder if I could sell access to display someone else’s resume at, while perhaps continueing to display the original to Google? I wonder what the rate would be for something like that.