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PHP Wiki Experience?

November 21st, 2005

Thought I’d check to see if anyone has any experience with the PHP wiki offerings, especially DokuWiki, or PmWiki?

I’m looking for something suitable for building out a FAQ, and docs site for Magpie. I’m disinclined towards MediaWiki because I’ve found Kwiki’s approach of using the filesystem for data storage a plus, and because I don’t anticipate a need for MathML support, or other such esoterica.

Currently leaning towards DokuWiki partially on the suggestive nature of the name (sounds like “documentation”), and partially on Harry’s 2004 SitePoint review. Possibly supplemented by Bamboo, which is a lot like a Hieraki for PHP.

Praise, disagreement, experiences, resources?

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Log anonymizing patches

April 10th, 2005

Riseup patches to keep various logging apps like syslog from recording IP addresses. Also

Additionally we’ve got a patch to postfix that anonymizes SMTP header lines that are sent through over a SASL authenticated SMTP connection. This is unnecessary information added for no apparant reason by Postfix, and we dont think its a nice thing to do to let everyone know what your home DSL connection is.

Nice! That was one of the few features about me Postfix which really bugged me. More info on imc-tech

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Riseup Software Labs

December 7th, 2004

Lattice clued me into the fact that finally there is a website where you can download my 2 favorite new pieces of software, both developed by the elusive and enigmatic elijah (at) riseup. (I can personal attest that neither the rumor that elijah is a fictional persona shared by a group of activist, nor that he is actual an advanced AI program are true.)

  • Bamboo is a next-generation CMS, that incorporates wiki like ease of content creation, and linking with simple and flexible hierachy to help combat the wiki tendency to sprawl. No database required, easy to drop in dynamic pieces, pluggable authentication. Ideal for documentation, or fairly static websites. Would also be a good for artist portfolio sites. We’re using it with Activista, to manage templates and internationalization.
  • Backup Ninja is backup for Debian done right. Provides /etc/backup.d where packages can drop simple config files (or complex scripts) to request backup services. Easy to write custom handlers, and rdiff-backup (uses the rsync algorithm) is used to move backups to a secure location.
  • Currently only available as debs, but presumably source downloads will be added.

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Cascadia Anarchist Tech Skill-Share

October 24th, 2003

If you’re a radical techie in or around Seattle (crews from Vancouver and Portland are coming) then you should to CATS this weekend, Saturday and Sunday, at the IMC.

CATS is an informal skill swap and socialize aimed at activists who are using technology in their work. Bring your own presentations, discussions, projects and hardware. Except conversations on collaboration, geek culture (and its negative impact on diversity), building secure webservers, VoIP (we’re all hoping someone will show up, and tell us all how its done), Debian NP, and whatever else people are moved to discuss.

See the wiki for some projects which people have said they would be willing to talk about (or have been volunteered to speak about)

Now and forever.