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Facebook Data Store API

August 10th, 2007

When I heard that f.bk had a new Data Store API was thinking “Wow! That’s actually hard!”.

But if you read it closer you’ll notice the operations map to what can de done in memcache (down to transactions are handled via atomic auto-increments) with a bit of cleverness, and some persistence. (pun intended) Still a nice step towards making developing f.bk apps a bit less eye-pokey-outty

Everyone is building the giant hash table in the clouds.

Amazon EC2: Still working on the “elastic” part?

August 24th, 2006

I’ve been waiting for an Amazon compute cluster ever since S3 came out, and like Les I tried, and failed, to sign up for EC2 beta as soon as I got the email. What all you freaks were doing up around 5am signing up for webservices I’ll never know.

Nik over at TechCrunch however ran the numbers, and its looking more like what I get from John Companies, and less like the great mapreduce grid in the sky I was hoping for.

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Amazon and Micro Transactions

July 2nd, 2006

Having played with and thought about the costs associated with handling transactions and paying people (and we’re talking monetary|infrastructural costs, not social|spiritual, thats a different post), I’m always struck by how much overhead there is; overhead in fact swamping the value of many types of transaction.

Which is how I know I’m living in 21st century when I was able to buy David Brin’s latest work, with money I made filling in phone number information on a couple SF restaurant listing, and have enough left over to cover backing up the contents of my virtual server I just flashed.

No real insight but having just lived through it, it felt worth noting.

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