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4 Years

April 12th, 2006

Leonard’s recent post, More than a Stopgap got me thinking about my original goals for re-launching this site. Similarly I was wanting to experiment with ways to expose, and explore the 4 years and 3319 entries that compose this site.

4 Years

4 years ago Monday, we had just moved out of our apartment in SF having moved to the city at the worst possible time to try to find jobs, Jasmine was back East lining up a design job in Boston, and I had just gotten back from a walk on one of my beloved Santa Cruz beaches, and decided that writing about it would make a good first blog entry.)


Some of the work on adding tags (and tag combos), and related entries (see middle-right column when viewing an entry) was an initial attempt, as was the Zeitgeist-esque archives page. But I never really was able to take it as far as I wanted. Why?

  1. Insufficient time to implement grandiose schemes
  2. Changes I made were invisible to aggregators, and therefore most people have never seem them
  3. No one else is as interested in my old content as I am

But I still thinks it’s an interesting an unsolved problem. Google is not always the best entry point to the world’s knowledge, chronologically new-new-new is perhaps not the best way to tell our personal stories.

From the Archives

Just found a post calling for a repository of community patterns from April 2002 similar to Clay’s Moderation Strategies.

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Experiments in Feed Claiming

March 30th, 2005

Did anyone else play the Atari game Claim Jumper? It was awesome. Written by Gray Chang, one time UC Santa Cruz student. Also wrote Dog Daze another favorite. Somedays the nostalgia is almost too much to bear, get all teary eyed.

All off topic really, as this entry is really just me trying to claim my feed at Technorati and Feedster. (pay no attention to the man behind the curtain)

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Where in the Country?

December 4th, 2004

Still in procrastination mode. Sorry to anyone who subscribes to this feed for substance. (anyone?)

Found an online survey Find Your Spot, which purports to recommend where in the US you might like to live. I found the results interesting.

In order: Little Rock (??), Portland, Baltimore (??), Honolulu (does everyone get that?), DC, Providence, Eugene, Santa Cruz, New Haven, Boston, Corvallis, Hartford, Ventura (??), San Francisco, Baton Rouge (??), New Orleans (totally ignored my comments on humidity), Fayetteville, Charleston, Sacramento (no thank you!), Santa Barbara, Salem (OR), Frederick (MD), Worcester

Little Rock? As the #1 place I should move? I have my doubts.

I’m surprised by how many Southern cities were on the list since I’ve never considered living in the South and I’ve thought about living all over the world. I wonder if the problem is me or the website? Also tended to skew towards smaller cities then I would have expected.

Interestingly I’ve either lived in, been to, or grew up in almost every city on the list. (and frankly I’m a little surprised Seattle didn’t make the cut)

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Made it home (Santa Cruz)

May 30th, 2003

Flying, an activity I used to enjoy, is becoming miserable. The interminable lines, the ridiculous security, the half assed cost cutting measures really add up to a degraded expirence. I flew Southwest for the first time in a while, as opposed to making the trek down to New York to fly Jetblue. It cost a bit more (~$80), but the hassle of getting to the airport was significantly reduced.

A Few Thoughts

I am not impressed with the new heightened security. I was wandering around in my stocking feet, demostrating that yes my laptop turned on, and no I didn’t have a bomb in my coffee cup, and well on my way to inflitrating the American skies before anyone noticed that when I checked in Southwest gave me the wrong ticket, a ticket for one “John Kenner”, easy to see how that might be confused with the “Kellan Elliott-McCrea”. (then they tried to convince me I didn’t have a reservation because Sabre can’t deal with hyphens in names)

I hate the open seating policy. Its a smug piece of social engineering to get people to show up early, and board the place quickly, but it brings out the worst in people. Feeding frenzy/mob at the boarding gate is ugly.

After the ongoing cold gray in Providence, and a brief exposure to the blistering 110 degree heat in Phoenix (you couldn’t pay me to live there) it is wonderful to be in Santa Cruz where the weather is perfect.

Being in the house of Mac, I’m going to try to steal away some time to finish a redesign of this site I’ve been playing with, something slightly less generic, don’t expect wonders, but at least it won’t look quite so generic. (though it will probably damage my search ratings, not using MT’s well optimized layout, ah well)

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May 7th, 2003

HiveLogic has SCO vs IBM in brief. This all makes me sad, as I had a soft spot for SCO growing up. They gave out high school internships to friends(and later employed some of them), gave money to various good causes around town (which my parents were always involved in), they enabled online pizza ordering well before the term ecommerce had been invented. The good days, they do not last.

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On Going Home

December 20th, 2002

Being without a car in this culture is always a strange expirence, sometimes its frustrating, a few times its surreally sublime. My recent voyage home for the holidays started Monday, 10:30am, Dec 16th and ended Wednesday, 11am, Dec 18th.

  1. Walk out Jasmine’s door, carrying Tom Bihn shoulder bag for laptop, and large reg Gregory backpack for everything else.
  2. Walk 4 blocks to Orange line.
  3. Take Orange line to Ruggles stop.
  4. Stop have lunch with Jasmine.
  5. Catch communter train from Ruggles to Providence.
  6. Walk 4 blocks to Kennedy Plaza.
  7. Catch 99 RIPTA bus to 43 Doyle (the new house) to meet the new landlords.
  8. Catch it back.
  9. Kill 2 hours at AS220.
  10. Catch 69 bus back to Kennedy Plaza.
  11. Take Greyhound to Port Authority.
  12. Pray feverently that the New York transit workers will not go on strike.
  13. Take the 7 out to Queens for the night.
  14. Take the 7 back to Port Authority.
  15. Take the A to Howard Beach.
  16. Catch the shuttle bus from Howard Beach to JFK.
  17. Fly to Oakland International.
  18. Wait for AirBART to start running (6:05AM)
  19. Take AirBART to BART Colesium.
  20. Take BART to Embarcadero stop
  21. Transer to N-Judah, and take to Caltrains depot.
  22. Take Caltrains to San Jose Diridon.
  23. Transfer to Amtrak bus, and take to downtown Santa Cruz.
  24. Call home, and plaintively asked to be picked up in a car.

Read: Magician: Apprentice, Magician: Master, Talking God, and Driving Mr. Albert.

Boston, in Summer

August 11th, 2002

Why is it that everyone can’t just move to Santa Cruz, or somewhere equally pleasant? I’m in Boston for the month, and I’m sticking to things. The heat, and humidity is sapping what little wit I usually bring to bear upon this spot.

However, the world refuses to migrate to me, alas.

And to anyone who has been riding the New Yok 7 line, I met the guy responsible for those Lava Life ads last night. He was exactly as you imagine him, buffed, clean, smooth, and friendly to all. Utterly unlikeable. And Canadian. He said the response to the ads have been great, and they’ll be rolling it out to all the major metropolises this Fall. You had to call didn’t you? Thanks NYC.

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August 2nd, 2002

The great thing about staying up too late, night after night in Santa Cruz is you don’t feel maladjusted, even if the city has totally shutdown, you can still be part of a larger societal movement, walk the same streets Kiefer Sutherland walked back 1987.

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SSC and Merry Wives

August 2nd, 2002

I was working Merry Wives of Windsor today, mostly directing traffic, and trying to cram the 600+ people who showed up unexpectedly for a Thursday matinee, into the Glen


This production has almost restored my faith in the play. Almost. Its a light weight, campy play, not all that good, written at the whim of the Queen because she took a liking to Falstaff. Master Ford is often played unbearably, so that you cringe every time he steps on stage, very few Shakespearean actors know what to do with the 2 pragmatic wives, and the only way one can play Falstaff is broadly (pun intended) and in doing so many people lose track of his humanity.

Besides, it is a very English play, and a comedy at that.
The humor turns on class, class pretensions, accents, and making fun of the Welsh and French. Never a scene slips across stage without some blue collar elocuting out of their depths, and tumbling, via some malapropism, into sexual innuendo.

Dxxx Sxxxx

That, and Dxxx Sxxxx absolutely ruined the play for me in 1993, with a horrendous production set in a 1970s trailer park. Sxxxx is always over the top, and his artistic contributions have been both brilliant and formative over the last 20 years. No one who saw Prince Hal as Boy George, ride into the Glen on a motorcycle will ever forget it. Nor Sxxxx’s cross cast Midsummer Nights. And one of my all time favorite theater memories, is his production of the Tempest, set on Gilligan’s Island with Ariel a flaming trapeze artist, Caliban dressed in leather boy bondage style, and “water nymphs” dressed in 50s style bathing suits, dancing in sprinklers in front of the stage, who also served as something of a chorus, holding up beach balls, karaoke style, of Ariel’s songs.(of course I had a crush on one of the nymphs, might have had something to do with it) But Merry Wives was dreadful, and he cast himself, hideously, as Mistress Quickly.

The Good

But back to this years show. Ford in particular was masterfully done. His jealousy amusing without being despicable(and more believable, with Mistress Ford being cast very sexily, at several points appearing in Marilyn Monroe garb for this 50s production) and his transformation into Master Brook, subtle. And Falstaff was also human enough to connect to, to care about, again so often played in equal parts despicable and buffoon.

The setting is in the 1950s, but without a single American Graffiti prop. This is not James Dean’s fifties of teenagers. This is a 50s of adults, mercifully void of poodle skirts, muscle cars, and Grease casting extras. A beautiful set, in orange and turquoise, relatively minimal, as is usual for outside productions, but very expressive.

And I wish plays sold sound tracks, because this one was a great mix of hits of the 50s , masterfully synced, in snippets, with the action on stage.

Also heard a rumor that Ashland is opening its New Theater (yup, thats what its called), replacement for the dearly departed Black Swam, with a production of Macbeth. Which is just asking for it, calls to mind Terry Pratchet’s line about standing “in a thunderstorm, wearing copper armor, shouting ‘All Gods Are Bastards’.” But not just any Macbeth, a 5 person, 90 minute, no intermission Macbeth. Wow.

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July 9th, 2002

“Its a very popular play elsewhere, its play regularily in countries that take their theater and politics seriously.”

Shakespeare Santa Cruz is producing Coriolanus this summer, one of the few Shakespeares I truly know (knew?) nothing about. I sort of grouped it with Pericles as another Plutarch story that fails to translate to modern narrative forms. An obscure tragedy.

We went and saw Michael Warren tonight, UCSC professor of Shakespeare, and he corrected a few misconceptions.

First, its not an obscure play.

Second, its not failed, simply more expiremental. Separated over a vast time and space gap, set in Roman mythic history, Shakespeare had much more freedom to play with the roles of individual, the nobility, and God, all tropes that were largely fixed and not subject to much debate when writing more comtemporary work. (the hand of the Royal censor being heavy indeed)

Also its a really good cast. This almost makes up for them doing another staging of Merry Wives, a truly lousy play.

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