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Selling Resume Placement

August 17th, 2003

I just noticed that my resume is getting between 200-300 views a week, mostly from people searching for “resume software engineer”, but also searching for “resume web developer” (page 3), and various combinations involving more specific technologies like JSP, PHP, MySQL, and XML. (and one disappointed soul who searched for “resume san francisco postgres”, sorry can’t help you)

I was just thinking, thats pretty serious traffic, I wonder if I could sell access to display someone else’s resume at, while perhaps continueing to display the original to Google? I wonder what the rate would be for something like that.

Inktomi indexing RSS?

May 13th, 2003

I published an ever so slightly modified url to my RSS feeds, tacking on the query string ?rss (because I’m nosy). As it is, so few people seem to follow links from within an RSS reader (something about publishing the full content as part of the feed?), that these lightly mangled URLs never even make it into my analog reports. And I forgot about them

Which is why I was a little startled when I grepped through my logs and noticed that Inktomi is consistently hitting the URLs from my RSS feed has been for a few weeks. Any word on what they’re up to with this?

On a side note, I think I’ve almost forgiven Inktomi for stealing the first URL I ever covetted, back in the Spring of ’96 when I was reading Lakota myths for my American Lit class, and “spider” was the hottest term on the Web.

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