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You say addiction, I say obsession

July 21st, 2006

I’m sitting at Ritual this morning, contemplating a visit to the source (what does it say that SF arguably 2nd best coffee shop is just serving coffee from Portland?) Then I’ll have to hit Victrola (have standards fallen off?), Zoka, and Lighthouse. Hines is no more, but tonx is Stika & Spruce as a stand in. And Splendido for old times sake, and, and and…

So much coffe, so little time.

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Seattle and Portland

July 20th, 2006

I’ll be in Seattle this weekend for c@ts, held at the lovely Emma Goldman Finishing School.

Then in Portland all next week at OSCON.

See you there?

p.s. haven’t had a chance to look closely at the OSCON schedule yet, anyone got a list of not to be missed sessions?

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Lucy Bland’s First Recital

July 30th, 2005

Todd’s new band Lucy Bland has their first CD out. I haven’t heard the CD, but the early cuts I heard of these songs are absolutely killer. (Streaker is definitely one of my favorite songs right now)

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Google Maps for WifiMug

March 12th, 2005

Some days the whole Ajax/Web 2.0 thingy feels like just so much buzz and hype from us geek set who never managed to learn Flash, and other days you’re smacked in the face by the power of it all.

For example Lattice’s Hacking Google Maps for Caffeine and Wireless, inserts custom data into the Google Maps data stream to produce zoom-able, pan-able maps of Vancouver, Seattle, and Boston enriched with information about the locations of wireless coffee shops. We’ve only begun to explore the surface of what sort of metadata you can insert into the stream, and what other services you could build on top it, but the potential is just a little mind blowing. (actually to hell with the potential, I find the current incarnation a little mind blowing as well)

Go for it, take a virtual caffeine tour of Vancouver, marvel at the Capitol Hill wireless coffee shop scene which is rightfully the 8th wonder of the world, zoom way way out to survey our Boston options

One of the big question marks is Google’s support for this, as they could break it with an eyeblink. (as they did with simple XML output from Google Maps) Lattice has an interesting point on that:

Now, considering that all requests to Google are being performed by the users’ browser, and I’m just injecting some JavaScript, it smells a lot like AutoLink

I’m not sure how well that argument would fly at corporate head quarters, but I would suggest that there is run for a serious long wake play, and they should ponder long and hard before moving.

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