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October 3rd, 2005

I’m going to go against the apparent conventional wisdom, and note I hated Serenity, am utterly disappointed, and hope that if they ever revive the show they’ll ignore all events of the film.

The show for all its comedy, and western aspects functions as noir. The characters are very minor, very small characters in a very large, very mean universe. They’re buffeted by the forces beyond both their control and understanding.

In the movie, they’re heroes, and not just the everyday heroes of the show, but larger then life super heroes? Rescuing the universe from evil gubermint plots? And it all fitting together all right and tight, everything neatly explained from River to reavers.


The actors did their usual great job, unfortunately this brainless action flick gave them nothing to work with.

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September 21st, 2005

I’m not sure yet if we’ll be in Boston or New York on the 30th, but I know what I’m doing … watching Serenity! (not, unfortunately, Santa Cruz as originally planned)

Any movie going parties forming in either city? Looking to add 1 fan, and 1 skeptic to the mix?

update: from brian in the comments:

Serenity will have some competition on the 30th, as the lavish Henson studio production of Neil Gaiman and Dave McKean’s MirrorMask opens that day as well.

Oh my! I had forgotten that was out there, Henson, Gaiman and McKean. (I wonder what ever happened to Gaiman/Froud Tam-lin project?

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