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Snow: A Four Letter Word

October 29th, 2005

In October. Unbelievable. See you all in May. (just in time for Boston’s new tornado season?)

"Snow is a four letter word,
no is the only part of the word that I heard, 
call me morbid or absurd"
– with apologies to Cake


**update 2005-11-1: ** In fairness to Boston, every day since has been stunningly beautiful, sunny and 70 degrees. Supremely odd weather to have after getting several inches of snow.

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Changed Employment Status

April 12th, 2005

Hi all, realized I should clue people in to my changed status.

As may or may not be obvious from my recent posts I am not currently writing PHP for a living. You can read the press release for background, to which I can add that I’m understandably disappointed.

But also excited. Excited about the future open source incarnation of the Groundspring toolset. Excited to be keeping busy brainstorming new ways to make trouble with some of my favorite people (more on that soon), and contracting out as RoR slinger for an old friend.

And it’s finally Spring in Boston! Life is good. Thats the update.

(update: bah! after a week of 68 degree weather I had to tempt fate, and now it’s snowing)

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In Boston

December 12th, 2004

I’m here, I’ve landed, saw my first snow flakes come wavering out of a blue sky this morning while waiting on the queue at Centre St. cafe.


We’ve looked a half a dozen apartments, I’m getting good at interpreting Jasmine’s “no way, get me the hell outta here” look. We’ve got our fingers crossed on gorgeous little apartment a couple of blocks up the wrong direction on Day St. from Hyde Sq. Young couple, moving to S. Africa for a year, looking to sublet. Neighborhood could be a bit grim at night, but you should see the granite counter tops! Unfortunately we’re second in line.

A bit more conventionally, and a bit more expensive, we’re debating a nice place we saw in one of the faux brownstones on Lakeville.

Still if you’ve got any tips for nice apartments for 2, pondside in JP, let us know.


Next I’m going to go looking for some sort of indoor sports league because it sure ain’t cycling weather (well today it would have been brisk, but soon…). I’m intrigued by Dan’s mention of a North Shore dodgeball league, but its a bit far for me. Anyone know of something?

I’m also thinking of reviving my “Programming 101 with PHP” tutorial I did for Ruckus Tech Camp, and turning it into a class at the JP Free Skool if anyone would be interested. Maybe in exchange for someone offering some Photoshop classes? I don’t know, its a thought.

Mostly I’m just hunkering down, and surviving a hard core case of jet lag, which seems to more existential then physical and planning what comes next.

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Snow Falling on the Cedars

January 7th, 2004

Yesterday Seattle was rocked by the blizzard of the century, as nearly 6 inches of snow were dumped upon the city (its been a pretty short century so far), but that isn’t the snow I’m talking about.

Last week Jasmine and I caught the breath taking ferry ride from Anacortes to Orcas Island in the San Juans. We spent almost exactly 24 hours on the island, but if time had allowed, would gladly have stayed the week. Our first day over was crisp, and clear, the air so clean and fresh everything seemed to gleam. I tried to capture it on film, but alas my camera seemed unsusceptible to the glory of the day. The snow clouds rolled in over night, and the second day was one of quiet, a muffled peace laying on the land. Winter is the off season for Orcas (and our incredibly cute, hundred year old little cabin, with hot tub, and sea kayak was priced accordingly), but I can’t imagine a more appropiate season to expirence the islands in, the dark green of the pines, cedars and ferns contrasting with the white snow, the blue grey sky, blending with the green grey sea, and a distinct lack of tourists. (except us) The only draw back is the peak of Mt. Constitution, which is supposed to be an amazing view of the islands, was very closed do to heavy snow fall.

Orcas Island, December 2003

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The Word from on High

November 14th, 2003

LA buried under a foot of hail! Fires, earthquakes, and now freak hail storms. There is a God, and she is pissed about this whole recall thing.

My one question, where did they find a snow shovel in Los Angeles?

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And More Snow

February 18th, 2003

We only got a little over 2 feet yesterday, about an average of 3 inches an hour, but the winds, the winds, they did amazing things. Looking into the backyard this morning, there are 8 foot snow drifts piled against fences, and what might have once been cars. A good day not to own a car.

(It was pointed out to me that as I’ve been the proud owner of a digital camera since Xmas, I should take pictures of such things. At first I thought, “Who wants to remember snow?”, but then I realized I need the pictures for next time I leave New England….. on why not to move back. So next time, before it gets all nasty, icy, and gray, pictures!)

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February 10th, 2003

Caught the matinee showing of Chicago on a chilly, snowy Boston afternoon with Jasmine, and one of her housemates. The hilight was the thermos of hot chocolate, made with Ghiradelli and cloves, smuggled in under a jacket, and poured into sake cups. But the movie was fun as well. The songs are still skuttling around in the back of my mind. But more then anything, the impression I was left with was:

Chicago is a Hollywood re-make of Dancer in the Dark.

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February 7th, 2003

Its been a gorgeous snowy day, enough to soften the heart of an avowed Californian. Boston is covered in a thick, thick blanket of heavy white snow. Its alternated between big drifting clumps, and determined, wind driven flakes, but either way, they cast their glamour upon this old, beat up city. It was also perfect snow ball snow this morning, but as everyone around me is sick I had to control myself, alas, these opportunities come so rarely. Now we’re safely tucked away for the night with Nutella, and hot chocolate, and the latest catalog from Kid Robot, and while perhaps the city sounds can be heard over the sweep of easy wind and downy flake, its very picturesque.

So besides my fumbling attempts to find a rationale for spending $300 on one of the new 12in Brothersworker doll (I like Smart in Grey), life is very good indeed.

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Like Hell

January 30th, 2003

For all those threads, and mailing lists I’ve walked out on, for those comments left unanswered, and emails unreplied to. Sorry. I feel like hell. Sick as a dog, and an enflamed wisdom tooth. On the up side, apparently it warmed up enough to snow last night. Now I’m going to go crawl back into bed.

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December 11th, 2002

We don’t do Christmas in my family. Or at least we’ve been drifting farther and farther away from it. We do lots of baking because we like Xmas cookies, and get a tree because cutting the tree is one of the few times my California beach dwelling family gets far enough up into the mountains to sometimes see snow. And we don’t really do presents. So putting together a wishlist is silly, but here it is anyway.

  • White Queen by Gwyneth Jones, ~$12
    Attlebery said many flattering and intriguing things about this book in Decoding Gender. Though I’m also skeptical as he had many flattering things about Kress who I personally can’t understand how she ever got published.
  • Clamor subscription, ~$20
    Because Zmag is boring, and the Nation has swung way way right.
  • Apple IBook, ~$1200
    I’ve got my reservations, but my Vaio is not long for this world, and I can feel myself being seduced by a laptop with a decent battery life, that runs a Unix that can run Photoshop.
  • Rivendell Bike, ~$2300
    The best, best looking, custom, hand built bicycles around. Some people have cars, I want a bike.
  • Nice, 3 story, 1920s Victorian on College Ave, near Davis Sq., ~$550,000
    Its a great deal, I’m sure, the house looked gorgeous from the outside.
  • My library as ebooks, ~$????
  • The X-Files as written by Italo Calvino or Dostoevsky, $24.95

Which is to say, I guess I don’t really want anything :)

update: dean, dru, and mark and have all published their wishlists.

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October 23rd, 2002

The weather outside can’t make up its mind. Does it want to sleet or snow? I figured the trees were still covered in green leaves, I still had time to find winter coat and boots. Now I guess I’m stuck inside until May. :(

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