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Mobile Calendaring

August 10th, 2006

Aaron’s released upcalendar, the latest barrage in his Web2.0 on S60 campaign.

And 30Boxes has

Got to say the mobile page for OSCAL (now defunct as its smart enough to only show upcoming events), was by far my favorite part of the app.

Turns out mobile is sexy, useful, and fun but not all that hard. Who knew?

All of which goes back to my an idea I’ve been kicking around for a bit, sync is dead (which is good because sync is hard), instead we’ve got remote services, local caching, and change propagation. (which is largely understood) All the interesting work right now is on the tension between the client and the server.

State of the Art of Offline Aggregators?

May 20th, 2006

A lazy web request (or jet-lagged web as the case may be)

Is NetNewsWire still where its at for OSX desktop aggregators? I’ve been away from the desktop so long I don’t even know the players.

Do any of the aggregators do pre-fetching/offline-ing like NewsMonster did back in the old days? (Or did MarkP perhaps nip that line of development in the bud??) Something, you know, for long train rides?

Are there open source clients that sync with the NewsGator API, and run on Linux or do only NewsGator products sync with NewsGator?

Also want a host of other attention based/sensitive features, but to brain fried to put those into words. In the mean time I think the reading list will under go serious (if perhaps temporary) winnowing.


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