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Calendars and the Web: Looking Hopeful

March 5th, 2005

Calendaring on the web is starting to show signs of reawakening from death like sleep.

CalDAV seems to be fulfilling my early hopes for it; creating the first real movement on calendaring standards in years. CalDAV recently had a successful coming out at the CalCONNECT vendor event demoing implementations from Mozilla (Sunbird), Novell (Evolution), and Oracle. Neither Microsoft nor Apple deigned to attend.

Hula, the Novell backed open source groupware for the web project is generating considerable buzz with its high profile, if back handed, endorsement from JWZ, good track records of tech leads, and a wiki with all the right talking points.

Folks at U.C. Berkeley are doing good thinking on public event calendars as distinct from office scheduling aids as is evnt, a London skunkworks exploring the intersection of time, space, and open info.

Google is fueling speculation with rumors of a build vs. buy argument taking place behind the doors of Mountain View.

While Trumba has an everything old is new again feel, powerfully reminding me of golden age players in the space like and Anyday. (and events calendars for local radio was a major MetaEvents plank)

Trumba and evnt both seem to have caught the wave that I credit Upcoming for pushing into the mainstream, namely that slavishly translating a wall calendar layout to web is misguided at best.

School Bell, an organizational calendar initially targeting schools just relaunched now built on Zope 3, and is looking very promising. (I’ll be ready for that demo real soon Tom)

While the activist community in NYC has a renewed push for a community wide events portal.

All very exciting. Hopefully this time around we’ll have learned the lessons of integration and syndication, ending up with productive engines that can integrate with our increasingly busy, decentralized, adhoc lives.

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