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Collected Calendar Links from Blogdom.

September 23rd, 2003

aka I love Feedster

I’m not really able to keep up with blogdom like I used to. Which is why I love Feedster. Collected links of the recent discussion of iCalendar, RSS, and events.

David Galbraith speculates about how to patch event info into RSS 0.92 using structured URLs. I like structured URLs, but why not use an RSS format that supports namespaces?

Marc Canter draws a picture of a “next generation event aggregator” mediating between websites, and traditional event stores..

Blog as .ics file redux.

Nick has a cute event widget mockup

Surfmind is maintaining an RSS+event feed for the Red Light Cafe and musing about next steps and MozCal integration.

Libby proposes a dencentralized Upcoming based on ical, foaf and movable type.

NewsGoat is publishing the OK Mensa calendar with Moveable Type and Brad Choate style magic.

Also the W3C roadshow is available as an .ics file.

Jon is playing with prying information out of Outlook.

Element12 is wondering why there has been no effective implementation of an “add this to my diary”.

Once more into the Breach: Calendars, Events, and RSS

September 22nd, 2003

The launch of seems to have rekindled some interest in calendaring standards, stoked by a post from Ray Ozzie, and the Calendar Fiasco, by Jon Udell. (also see eric’s collection of links)

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Knowledge Management, Blogging, and the CIA

August 14th, 2002

Knowledge managment and blogging has always gone hand in hand, especially before personal publishing was a legitimate buzzword, and there briefly flourished (and died, I hope) the term “k-log”.

Jon Udell recently had nice things to say about the Traction Software’s knowledge management solution, “best described as an enterprise Weblog system”.

He failed to mention, its funded by the CIA.

And here I thought the $5000 price tag was the only problem.