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Another Take on Wireless Weekends

May 30th, 2005

Earlier I linked to Tonx‘s report on success of Victrola’s wifi free weekends. Dru points to an interesting alternative

go wired on weekends. It would be sort of retro, you know, in keeping with Victrola’s theme. Put an eight port hub in the middle of the coffee table in the back, and make all of those antisocial net junkies (like me) sit next to each other on the couch…

During my sparse visits to UZ I noticed that an unofficial “laptop table” existed, with the Monster kids as its core. It had the interesting effect of setting up a second social scene. No one who has brought their laptop to a coffee shop to work will be a quality participant in the discursive, casual cafe scene, but that doesn’t mean one can’t create another equally vibrant scene built around our shared work. (Useful in particular as most of us are working in fundamentally alienating profession anyway)

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Community Wireless

May 23rd, 2003

FreeNetworks Conference 2003, Las Vegas, June 7-8th: Grungy, community wireless, on the cheap.

Not to be confused with…

Wireless Internet Opportunities for Developing Nations, UN Headquarters, New York, June 26th: an industry get together to make sure wireless doesn’t get loose anywhere else the way its threatening to in this country.

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New Problems, New Solutions

May 9th, 2003

If we want our network of ad-hoc access points to ever grow into something more then a quick place to check ones email, then we need a way to communicate between maintainer and user, explain the purpose of the AP, and what services are offered. The current way to do this is with NoCat or something like it, capture the users web traffic the first time they connect, and re-direct to an appropiate landing page. This is a “good enough” solution to me, but it makes Josh (who needs a blog) grumpy, as he is inclined to see slippery slopes in the darndest places.

A Lot Less Slippery?

Rob “Community Wireless” Flickenger has a better solution, use Rendezvous Zeroconf mDNS, and goes on to show how he setup service advertising on his Linux AP.

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SF Wireless Cafes

April 26th, 2003

A list of free wireless cafes in San Francisco to supplement the excellent (last of the independents) Surf N Sip. I would settle for just one independent cafe in Boston, that got wireless, free or not.

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Revisitng Davis Sq. Wireless

November 15th, 2002

Right now, its a little irrelevant, as the rambling house/barn I’m staying at in New Hampshire is wirelessly enabled, but someday I’ll be returning to Boston, and the Davis Sq. Community Wireless will again be a neccessity.

The udpate is while the Greens/IMC will no longer be in their space, people have suggested that Resist Foundation might be interested. This has the added advantage of being much closer to square, and being on the 2nd floor., and at 259 Elm St., I have to assume its right about Diesel at 257 Elm.

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