Tunick in Capetown

April 27th, 2002

Speaking of Cape Town, apparently Spencer Tunick is in Cape Town.

My introduction to Tunick was stumbling onto the last minutes of one of his shoots in New York (don’t remember where) and seeing hundreds of naked people scrambling for their clothes.

More recently, Jasmine and I seemed to have just missed the European leg of Nude’s Adrift this summer, Berlin a few days early, Amsterdam a few days late, in Belgium during the right time, but the wrong town. Of course we didn’t know any of this at the time, but its was funny and odd to discover upon returning home. They of course have been on the road much longer, and we unfortunately, did not make it to Antarctica. And make sure to read Kirsten’s journals of the trip. The back story can help elevate Tunick’s work out of the realm of, “a bunch of naked people looking cold”.

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