Tech Todos – RSS Event feeds from calendars

May 25th, 2002’s software (aka calendrome) certainly has its problems. It was the first major piece of software development we ever did, and due to some historical issues we’re not allowed to release the code under a free license, but it does also have some neat features, and I try to encourage people to look past the warts, and see what it can do for them.

Here in Seattle, the IMC is interested in taking the SCN Calendar and making it into something more useful. However once they’ve done all the work: of getting Jean using a new tool; getting allies setup with their own calendars; setting up the merge rules to pull these ally events into one calendar; and configuring look and feel so that it isn’t jarring to visit, then they’ll want some way to syndicate it to Seattle-IMC.

So, soon calendars will have RSS1.0 feeds using the events modules

UPDATE: The feeds are working! Urls are of the form:

UPDATE: Parsing RSS event feeds that use mod_event? Checkout MagpieRSS, a RSS parser in PHP.

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