Half a million protesters go unnoticed.

September 30th, 2002

Somehow the NYTimes, the “grey old dame” who squats on top of the what is and isn’t an acceptable story in the US, has decided that approximately 400,000 protesters in the streets of London (according to that bastion of liberality, Rupert’s Sky News), the people of our sole partner in this war on Iraq, doesn’t fall within its famous self censorship, “All the News Which is Fit to Print”. Instead, according to the NYTimes, the hot story coming out of London this weekend was Furor in Britain Over Grading of College Entrance Exams, and war only merits a brief mention in Eurostocks Slide on Profit, War Fear. Rabble also forwarded me a note from FAIR comparing the coverage the Washington Post, and the NYTimes dedicated to last weeks protest in London, the safe, and quaint (to Americans) protest against a proposed ban on fox-hunting. Why is admittedly interesting, but very British issue, more important to Americans then the very real issue that we are about to plunge into a war rejected by leaders and peoples of the entire international community?

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