The Ongoing Assault on Sanity

October 8th, 2002

Its like a bad joke…

Hey! Did you the hear one about the dockworker strike in California?

Yeah, the management locked our the workers and refuses to let them back to work, but don’t worry the president is going to enforce Taft-Hartley, and end the strike.

Ha! Ha! Ha!

What does it mean to force workers back to work who got locked out? I have this image of the Longshoremen being squished through the chain link fences of the Oakland docks like dough from a cookie press, or cheese through a grater.

Everything you know is wong

  • Its not a strike
  • The Longshoremen aren’t opposed to technology
  • ILWU has specifically said it would like expedite any shipments concerning national security but can’t get back on the docks
  • The best way to have a mediation is not for the management to show up to it armed.

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