Scams, Hashes, Anarchism

November 1st, 2002

Scams as class warfare?

Teresa: “scams take the forms they do because they’re parodies–no, a better way to put it: they’re cargo-cult effigies–of the deals the ruling class cut for themselves.“, on how and why scams work.

Perl behind the curtain

Abhijit: sub perlhash { $hash = 0; foreach (split //, shift) { $hash = $hash*33 + ord($_); return $hash; }, on how and why Perl hashes work. :)

No more just taking them for granted. The only time I’ve ever felt insecure about using Perl was a when a C programming friend was riffing on how he could never be happy with mass produced hashes, and insisted on rolling his own.

We are everywhere

debian-devel: Is Debian Anarchist? (via anarchogeek)

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