December 11th, 2002

We don’t do Christmas in my family. Or at least we’ve been drifting farther and farther away from it. We do lots of baking because we like Xmas cookies, and get a tree because cutting the tree is one of the few times my California beach dwelling family gets far enough up into the mountains to sometimes see snow. And we don’t really do presents. So putting together a wishlist is silly, but here it is anyway.

  • White Queen by Gwyneth Jones, ~$12
    Attlebery said many flattering and intriguing things about this book in Decoding Gender. Though I’m also skeptical as he had many flattering things about Kress who I personally can’t understand how she ever got published.
  • Clamor subscription, ~$20
    Because Zmag is boring, and the Nation has swung way way right.
  • Apple IBook, ~$1200
    I’ve got my reservations, but my Vaio is not long for this world, and I can feel myself being seduced by a laptop with a decent battery life, that runs a Unix that can run Photoshop.
  • Rivendell Bike, ~$2300
    The best, best looking, custom, hand built bicycles around. Some people have cars, I want a bike.
  • Nice, 3 story, 1920s Victorian on College Ave, near Davis Sq., ~$550,000
    Its a great deal, I’m sure, the house looked gorgeous from the outside.
  • My library as ebooks, ~$????
  • The X-Files as written by Italo Calvino or Dostoevsky, $24.95

Which is to say, I guess I don’t really want anything :)

update: dean, dru, and mark and have all published their wishlists.

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