cvs2rss 0.2

February 26th, 2003

I released cvs2rss v0.2 (the “Fading Dawn” release) yesterday. Its only a minor tweak of cvs2rss 0.1 which has been happily working for me for a month now. (and needed surprisingly little fixing given that it came into this world under a cloud) Ben announced it, but I figured I should probably put something on my own site about it :)

Some future directions

  • Handle interactive CVS prompt better
  • Make the project self hosting
  • Make the config file more powerful
  • Incorporate all the lovely user feedback I get (hint)

Some example feeds I currently track.

One response to “cvs2rss 0.2”

  1. Jeff Sheffel says:

    Where’d the cvs2rss source code go? (Any code updates? v0.3?)