A New Mac Laptop

June 4th, 2003

So I’m having a capitalist flashback this morning.

I called my stock broker (I didn’t know I had a stock broker!) at Salomon, Smith, & Barney and closed out my money market account (I didn’t know I had a money market account!) and I’m gong to take that check and spend it on a shiny new Mac laptop. I’ve also made a resolution to read more carefully my mail which ends up at my parents house, as I’ve learned all sorts of amazing things. Including I have a little cash left other from a buy and sell stock trade from my days as a Palm wage slave. Interestingly, I think I used a chunk of that transaction to buy my last laptop 3 years ago.

I’m torn between the sensible 12in iBook, and the extravagant (we like to call it “planning for the future”) 12in aluminum Powerbook.

After all, at the stroke of midnight my little capitalist fantasy will be over, and I’ll go back to being a struggling coder/activist. Decisions, decisions.


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