Tam-Lin For Kids?

June 15th, 2003

As I mentioned earlier the Frouds and Gaiman are collaborating on a feature length animated version of Tam Lin for a new animation studio. I’m very excited by this. I can’t think of a better team to handle this classic ballad that deals with Fairie in all its unhuman, dark glory. And there in lies my question.

I think it first came up as we were leaving Finding Nemo, and discussing how Disney has started to represent non-traditional families (think Lilo and Stitch) though not divorce, and how Finding Nemo does a decent (if not great) job of broaching the subject of mental illness. I think it was Aidan who first asked, “How are they doing to adapt Tam Lim to be a kids movie?”

Listening to Tempest’s Tam Lin tonight, I have to ask how do turn lines like “none go there, but leave him a pledge, either their mantles green, or else their maiden head” into kiddy fare? Or a plot like “rebellious girl gets mixed up with elf from wrong side of tracks, gets pregnant”. Admittedly it has a happy ending, but sex and horror are the key elements.

Also found out there is an entire site devoted to Tam Lin in its various glory.

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