That Certain Kind of Tired

July 31st, 2003

I’m home, for values of home, where home equals Providence. It feels good to officially, if just for one night, be off the road. As Jessamyn said, “I am that certain kind of tired now where I have been very very tense without really quite knowing it for a long period of time.”

I am looking forward to spending sometime not engaging in my transportation shuffle which has consisted of 38 hours of bus travel, 19 hours of car travel, 12 hours of air travel, 7 hours of train/subway travel, and 2 nights spent on the road unable to sleep in the last 4 weeks.

I discovered today that I am 1 degree of separation from Jessamyn via both gus (who blows bubbles) and aaron who stopped by Boston today, and conceded to drink some of the city’s notoriously bad coffee, while expounding on RDF, politics, free speech, and art. Small world.

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