October 22nd, 2003

Bah, too many projects, too little time. Until the day when I get back to this project, take a look at these other alternatives.

Someone else has built a nice, clean implementation of weather-over-RSS, see rssWeather. They are using HAMWeather as the backend, rather then a scraper, which is certainly a conceptual improvement, though it seems that HAMWeather is limited to using ICAO codes for non-US locations. (though that is probably scriptable around) Nicely browsable, good web integration.

I think I’ll probably revive my own weather-rss project at some point. (it moved forward a bit last weekend) In particular I still think there is an opportunity to format the weather info, in a more useful, and more semantic fashion. Once I’ve got my working example, I’ll probably be knocking on Tony of OpenWeather’s and’s door, see if we can get some coherence.

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