November 15th, 2003

Losing writing is the most frustrating ever. My “sketch pad”, my small journal that I carry everywhere, and jot down notes, ideas, and short essay seems to have gone missing. I’ve got 3 entries in there I wanted to re-type today: notes from Bujold’s talk (finally), selected hilights from Stiglitz (in prep for Thursday’s talk), and a short essay on the works of Kristine Smith, and how paper trails/verifiability are smacking up against one of our futurological tropes of “paperlessness as progress.”

So frustrating. Can’t forget them, but every time I sit down to rewrite I’m blocked by the knowledge I’ve done this once before, better.

If you happen to find a an 8x5in, narrow rule, spiral bound notebook with a grass green cover, full of illegible scrawls, please send it back to me, I’m adrift.

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