New Atom Link Types?

May 27th, 2004

Arbitrary links which are self-describing as to their intent are incredibly cool, and I’m happy Atom offers them using the link constructs plus rel attribute. (I was also a fan of RSS 1.0 mod_link, but the only one apparently) However Atom has some potentially problematic, or at least confusing limitations.

Last week, when I was thinking about Google leveraging the link construct to syndicate Usenet threading, I was rebuffed by the Atom spec which claims:

The “rel” attribute indicates the type of relationship that the link represents. Link constructs MUST have a rel attribute, whose value MUST be a string, and MUST be one of the values enumerated in the Atom API specification

Now Mark is using the ‘via’ type and pointing to LinkTagMeaning as the definite list of rel types.

The Question

So my question is, LinkTagMeaning is a wiki page, does this mean that the rel vocabulary for Atom is open for growth as long as it is documented on this page?

(an aside: The problem with the theory behind trackbacks – that the web is just one large conversation and therefore we don’t need to enable comments – is that I could have written this question as two sentences in the context of Mark’s blog, but its 3 paragraphs over here)

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