apt-get install anarchism

November 3rd, 2004

The fourth cAts will be happening this weekend in Seattle.

Lots of reasons to be excited (VOIP hacking, security for the paranoid, a “Tech n Bitch” session, lots of hacking and show and tell, vegetarain meals, and home roasting skill share assuming we can find some green coffee beans)

But right now I’m most excited by the shirts we’ve printed up.


We’ll probably be distributing most of them this weekend, but if do want one, let me know and I’ll try to save you one. Printing costs were $11 (damn, expensive American Apparel shirts), and we’re hoping to sell them in the $15-$20 range with anything remotely resembling a profit going towards the Seattle Underground Colo (nee SeaCCP)

Alas, the Vote with Rocks shirts weren’t printed in time. Still I hope you all did your part.

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2 responses to “apt-get install anarchism”

  1. […] apt-get install anarchism – we got shirts printed up for our Cascadia Anarchist Tech Skillshare. When I dropped in to Debconf this year, people were still wearing them, and printing new ones. […]

  2. James Cranch says:

    I was referred to this page by the Debian World blog aggregator, and can’t find your email address. I’d love one of those T-shirts. Preferably large.

    Is there any sensible way of (a) getting money from the UK to you, and (b) getting a t-shirt from you to the UK?