Selling Furniture

November 26th, 2004

So I like I said, I’m moving to Boston, and need to get rid of my furniture, its all going, and in the next 2 weeks. If I was driving across the country I’d take most of it with me, but I’m flying, with a backpack.

Available are:

  • A nice, unfinished pine bookshelf, 72in by 36in, from Ballard Bookcase Company. New it was $160, but to a friend, and book lover who will come over and pick it up, I could give it away for ~$65.
  • Full futon frame and mattress from Futon 1 2 3. Eureka style frame with natural finish, can fold into a sofa, but is sturdy enough as a bed. Firm “best” quality futon mattress, with spring coil center. Both frame and mattress are suitable for sleeping on everyday. Many people have had bad experiences with cheap futons and frames, these aren’t those, new the set was about $350, I’d like to sell it for $170 to someone can come and haul it away first weekend December.
  • Moving into the more predictable realm of Ikea crap, a fairly nice Lillberg arm chair, and 2 Lack end tables. I’ll take $40 for all of them, and throw in the aluminum floor lamp.

All these pieces are less then a year old, and they all kind of match, so if you’re looking to do a up a whole room in pine and faux pine, I think we could settle on a good deal with the whole suite. (say $250)

  • The Bookcase

  • The Futon

    (I swear its more attractive)
  • The Armchair

  • The End Tables

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