December 13th, 2004

Dropped by my old friend QuickTopic tonight, looking to see if there was some automated way to start discussions (there doesn’t appear to be, for obvious reasons), and I noticed they have a cool, “new” feature, QuickThreads.

The problem with QuickTopic is you never know when that quick note to a small CC list is going to become a raging, multi-threaded, critical conversation wherein the action plans for some multi-continental plots to take over the world will finally be hashed out. At some point, 10-15 messages in, someone realizes that, “hey this conversation should be on a mailing list, and archived, and maybe more inclusive”. So tell everyone, “full stop, time to move this party over here”, the momentum is lost and the conversation dies. Happens every time, never fails.

Which is what is neat about QuickThreads, it allows you to seamlessly migrate an ongoing discussion, with history, without killing the flow.

The one drawback is it isn’t free. But definitely a good idea.

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