MTKeywordList and Technorati Tags

January 15th, 2005

Technorati Tags is the latest tag implementation, mixing blog content into the slurry of tagged links and photos. You can either use some special snippets of HTML to signify tag membership to their crawler, or you use the “category system” of your RSS/Atom feed.

While they don’t go into great detail about which “category system” they support, we can hope they support looking in dc:subject, one of the few elements that is explicitly repeatable in an RSS 1.0 item. (and if they don’t, I hope they take this as a hint. Additionally I really wish RSS feeds would stop wodging all the tags for a given link into a single dc:subject, but instead go the multiple dc:subject route)

Making it Work w/ MT

Anyway, that isn’t what I sat down to write about, plenty of other people have chronicled Technorati’s tags sufficiently. I just wanted to offer up a trivial little MT plugin that I use to split the keywords field into a list, thereby making the field suitable for use as a low rent tag system. I do this with my MLP feed to simulate tagging for import into (being contrary, I go the opposite direction of everyone else, and publish my linkblog locally, and then submit it to

The plugin provides a container tag MTKeyWordList, and a content tag MTKeyWord, that I use like so in my RSS template:


Alternately if you wanted to use keywords to add the custom Technorati HTML you could do it like so

 <a href="<$MTKeyWord$>" rel="tag"><$MTKeyWord$></a>

You can grab the keyword list plugin here.

Btw. I really wanted to use the following link to follow TechTags discussion, but unfortunately it doesn’t actually work, maybe some day:|tag|folksonomy

update: alternately George’s TechnoratiTags plugin works just as well, though I personally prefer the flexibility of my approach.

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