WifiMug in Action

April 2nd, 2005

Danny in Living La Vida Geeka has a nice endorsement of WifiMug:

It’s Friday morning. I have to take my car for service in Capitol Hill; it’s going to take around an hour and a half. I want something to eat and an Internet connection while I’m waiting.

I use my favorite search UI to look for “free wifi ‘capitol hill’ seattle”. This leads me to seattle.wifimug.org and its Search Nearby feature. With this I discover that Caffe Vita is just a couple of blocks away.

Less than ten minutes after dropping my car off, I have chai, a croissant, and Internet access. Late era Beatles as background music. I work until my cell phone rings telling me that my car is ready.

Such a nice endorsement I’ll overlook his rampant use of Microsoft technologies 😉

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