Daylight Saving Sucks | War Time

April 4th, 2005

Grumph, arggh. I hate daylight saving time. That first Monday morning is so painful, your body wakes slowly, outraged at the duplicity of clocks everywhere.

Sometimes known as “War Time” for its widespread adoption during WWI, its roots are clearly embedded in the imperial/capitalist agenda. Did you know that this morning is one of the most dangerous to drive? The spike in severe traffic accidents the first 3 days after DST is shocking. And its a key factor in why implementing a decent timezone library is such a pain in the ass. Not worth it.

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  1. […] I mentioned briefly earlier that PHP is now shipping with an extension timezonedb, which is a compiled version of the Olson database. The Olson database is a massive, largely volunteer effort to catalog the various timezones both in use, and those that have been in the past. Time is a political issue, particularly day light savings, and as such the rules governing it are arbitrary, whimsical, and subject to frequent change. (p.s. gotten a panicked memo yet about new daylight savings compliance for March 11th? No? Where did you say you worked?) […]