Boston Ruby Meetup

April 6th, 2005

Having never successfully attended a meetup, I thought I’d try my hand at organizing one. As Boston seems to be lacking a Ruby user group I thought maybe a meetup might be the first step. And I’m a success! My note to comp.lang.ruby seems to have successfully kicked off a meetup… Houston.

But if you’re interested in maybe doing something in Boston, has scheduled the first meeting for a week from Thursday (Apr 14th). I’m debating as to where to hold it still (my naturally inclination would be down in JP, maybe at Junebug, but I have doubts on my ability to entice folks out here). Current top choices are Trident on Newbury, or Toscanini’s in Central Sq.

Think you might want to come? Got an opinion about location. Sign up for the Boston Ruby Meetup, and either leave a comment on the discussion board, below, or drop me a note.

Boston’s Very Own Red Brigade

sidenote: Perl has PUGs, Python has PIGs, but apparently Ruby has brigades, as in Boston.rb. And really isn’t a Ruby Brigade just a fancy way of saying a Red Brigade? My kind of language.

update: We’ve stopped using Meetup, check out Boston.rb, and sign up for the Boston.rb mailing list

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