CyberArts Boston

April 26th, 2005

Bypassing the generally poor website, Jasmine and I were able to acquire a printed guide to the CyberArts festival (running for 2 weeks, started last Saturday). There are several themes beyond the traditional video art running through this years festival that I find interesting, in particularly public art working with idea of place, e.g mapping, GPS, and WiFi.

We kicked off yesterday with the opening of “Digital Disclosures”. And here are our (largely uninformed) picks for the rest of festival.


OnePixel – “A ‘Performance Map’ by Steven R Holloway, One Pixel Boston demonstrates that the spirit of a living place cannot be appreciated without direct experience.” [more]

DeCordova – not in Boston proper, the Lincoln located sculpture park has several very interesting sounding exhibits running through May 1st, including Train by John Klima, Sound installation by Carrie Bodle examining the use of sound in mapping wikis, and installation by Yoko Ono contemporary Nam June Paik

Itinerant by Teri Rueb – “blending voices of characters both fictional and first person… a walk through downtown Boston with head phones and a GPS-equipped pocket PC… monologue as it unfolds according to the correspondingly rational and irrational design of the city’s streets.” Reminds me of Talking Street

Wed., April 27th

Floating Points 2 – Networked Art in Public Spaces. 7pm

Fri., April 29th

Lecture by Debra Singer, former curator of the Whitney. 6:30pm

Tue., May 3rd

Beyond the Digital Print – Boston Public Library.

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