Dunkin Donuts Caffeine Delivery System

April 29th, 2005

One of the great trials of living in Boston is the misconception that Dunkin Donuts serves coffee, and consquently blights the landscape with its pink and orange saturation, salting the earth for a more fertile offering to grow. DD fails at even the most basic requirement, the medicinal one, of delivering sufficient caffeine to stave off headaches, or bring early morning coherence. The coffee simply is too watery and unpalatable to be able to consume sufficient quantities to get one’s dosage.

Last night however, trapped in the wasteland which is North Station/Fleet Center (to meet up with Rob, at Dan’s get together [yes, simple is new the black]), and desperately in need of something, anything, I ventured in, looking, listlessly around, without much hope, and noticed that DD now serves espresso. Now the stomach curdles (literally) at the idea of a DD late, but the espresso, however, was effective. 2-3 sips of inoffensive warm liquid, with a hint of coffee flavor, and a solid 100mg or so of caffeine. Made by a machine of course, but it arrived in this cute little cup, pre-fitted with lid, reminded me of a bubble tea packaging, but without the anime character printed on it.

We take our victories where we can. And I’m going to try not to cry while reading How to Find a Great Coffee House, Part II

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