R-Cubed: Ruby, Rails and RDF

May 21st, 2005

Nothing quite like spending an afternoon sketching out database schemas for lists of heterogeneous, extensible objects to give you that familiar, sinking feeling of re-inventing RDF…badly. And nothing quite like surveying the state of RDF for scripting languages to convince you to grimly knuckle down to your schemas.

If I were a Semantic Web booster, looking for a project to hack on/fund, I’d pour some resources into making a replacement for ActiveRecord.rb to make it simple to build Ruby on Rails apps with a triple store back end. Catch the wave of hype/buzz, appeal to a community consisting of some of the savviest, most cutting edge web developers, and maybe pick up a few hints along the way about making tools developer friendly. Done well, it would be a very compelling alternative to LAMP(R). Call it R-Cubed, or maybe Triple-R.

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