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September 29th, 2005

Ruby just forwarded me the excellent Congress Abandons WikiConstitution. (something about Aspiration’s predilection for wikis)

Of course you’ll hover briefly over that link, and notice it is to the ever excellent Onion. Well almost ever excellent. You see, the writing is what it always was, but it’s lost that flipping-through-the-stack-of-pre-read-newspapers-at-the-coffee-shop- stumble-upon-plausibly-outrageous-story experience.

My suggestion is that the good folks at the Onion go out and register a bunch of domains like the New York Sun Herald, the LA Constitution, or maybe the San Francisco Chronicle (oh wait! someone already publishes a pretend paper with that name), and when people use the “Mail this article to a friend” feature, instead of linking to the Onion, link via one of the pretend domains. You can have it redirect to same final url, but you’ll get that slightly prolonged sense of disorientation which is what made the Onion so effectively funny and yet thought provoking.

You could even include a suggested permalink at the bottom of each page for bloggers to use.

Well, I think its a nifty idea.

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