Amazon Prime, the Ultimate Big Box Store

January 24th, 2006

Does anyone know if there is a way to limit your searches on Amazon to only items available for Amazon Prime?

(And to clarify I’m aggressive about buying books from local independents, but the ability to notice “Hey, we’re going to need a new toilet brush soon”, and have a nifty OXO designed one show up two days later is killer. Kind of like the mass transit version of driving out to a big box store [or so I like to delude myself])

update: Lady Dr. Cutie TroublerMaker (pronouced “Abby”) points out an AskMefi thread on exactly this topic.

The answer is “no” (or rather “NO”), but the suggested work around is to include the term “Amazon” in your searches.

I am also reminded that we have the creative madman behind Amazon Light right here in Boston, and I should take this to him, so, um, Alan, any help?

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