bbPress vs. Vanilla?

February 6th, 2006

I’m not really a web forums type guy, but the light weight interfaces of bbPress and Vanilla do a lot to redeem the medium. Anyone got a preference from using them?

Also anyone have a mbox import script for importing old list traffic?

Part of the very slow, long running process of re-launching the Magpie site, and breaking my Sourceforge dependency.

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One response to “bbPress vs. Vanilla?”

  1. Gray says:

    i’m also still trying to decide (yeah a year on and someone still thinking along the same lines). i’d like to see bbPress easier to design for (like a codex for WP), otherwise bbPress seems much younger than Vanilla (already v1 as i write this). But i guess it all boils down to: “Why would you want unified usertables? Unless you expect other users to post on your blog too”