Google Analytics, Solving Someone Elses Problem

August 22nd, 2006

Still frustrated and disappointed that MeasureMap has gone away, even if it never went as far as I wanted it to go.

Finally got around to trying out Google Analytics, maybe I’m doing it wrong, but I’m bored by it. Doesn’t answer the questions I’m interested in, though it did flag the interesting statistic that 94% of my visitors are “first time visitors”, which I imagine could also be dubbed the “I’ve got full content feeds” usage profile.

I guess I try Mint next, though the demos don’t look like a lot more then a (very) pretty face on my old analog install, and $30 seems a bit much to pay for that. And really I think stats for blogs need a domain specific package. But there seems to be an active plugin community around Mint which is promising.


update: Checked back today, it’s interesting to note that with a few more days of data IE’s percentage has already fallen from 42% to 37.6%. Maybe it wil fall to a 1/3? I, for one, have never believed that 95% market share number folks like to throw around.

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