Writers With Drinks in (Genre) Drag

January 24th, 2007

Charlie Anders, on stage (nb: charlie not in drag)

Absolutely fabulous event. Best of San Francisco material. Great audience, fabulous writing, and I got to observe it all while sitting in a (stationary) rickshaw. Other, the nights beneficiary is sort of a literary magazine for San Francisco, which means I passed on their most recent issue (Tron-sex and teledildonics, topics you’re already innudated with in SF) and went straight to the simian issue, which is highly recommended.

I came away with some sort of insight into the fundamental nature of SF, or so I thought, but as I’ve been utterly unable to communicate this insight, I think it might have just been contact buzz from the eloquence, alas.

Lastly, if you ever have a chance to see Kim Stanley Robinson read his poetry, go! My party was divided on whether it is better then his fiction, but its very very good. I might heckle him from the crowd at Etech to read some verse.

I’ll be at next month’s. (which I suppose is another way of saying I won’t be at SxSW after all)

Photo by kirkbrooks

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