Ottoman Turkish Empire Settlement Payments?

February 12th, 2007

TurboTax, as part of filing a California state tax return, just asked me if I was qualified for Ottoman Turkish Empire Settlement Payments? Umm, what are the odds that anyone who was re-settled from the Ottoman empire is still paying taxes in California? Is there a story here?

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  1. This is for the benefit of victims of the Armenian Genocide who settled in California and their descendants, who won an insurance suit not too long ago.

  2. kellan says:

    Drat, that makes sense, now I feel guilty for joking (all unknowing like) about genocide.

    I preferred to think this was a tax code on the books dating back to the major relocations of the 14th century (though logically I assumed it had to do with the break up of the empire in the early 20th)

    But thanks!

  3. Karen says:

    Thanks for posting this information! I too found this info on Turbo Tax and had similar thoughts about its origins. I am so glad someone had the correct info on this. It would have driven me crazy until I found out. Still you have to wonder at the choice of wording/labeling. Why not something that sounds like it applies to the current situation? Like: “Armenian Geniocide Victum Fund”. Perhaps this would make something in the tax code actually understandable, but that would violate all the known rules for writing the tax code in the first place.

    For those of you into computer games, you might be interested in checking out “Age of Empires III: The War Chiefs. I love this game and on it there is the Ottoman Empire. So when I saw “Ottoman Turkish Empire Settlement”, I got a great laugh. I thought: What? is the CA gov’t now willing to pay me for playing a computer game? : )

  4. Evin says:

    I also found this weird enough to google it…

  5. Ann says:

    For the millions the turks murdered through out history there is no payment turkey could make except paying back all turkey to the origoinal settlers plus trillions of dollars in the form labour, the turks contributed nothing to civilization, whatever they claim to have it is the native people of asia minor, creek , assyrians and armenians contribution to civilzation.

  6. Lara Su says:

    Armenians struggled for centuries to gain a little piece of land and call it home. They lived under Romans, Persians, Byzantine, Ottomans, Russians but never had autonomy. They started civil wars; disguised in Russian uniforms attacked the Ottoman army to gain independence, but couldn’t succeed. Many died in the civil wars. The remaining Armenians were relocated by the Ottomans to the Middle East where they now have a country of their own, but it does not have many resources and the people are very poor. They need help from the more developed countries in the region like Turkey in order to survive. Armenians are still fighting for more land in the Azerbaijan area.

  7. Caln8tive says:

    It is surprising that so many people in Central Anatolia had New York Life Insurance back in 1915. This story is about how New York Life Insurance finally paid out, not the tragic events surrounding the demise of the Ottoman Empire at the close of WWI.

  8. Michael C says:

    Glad to know I wasn’t the only person wondering about the “Ottoman Turkinsh Empire Settlement.”

  9. Jenn says:

    So, has anyone made contact and/or received payment from the insurance co? If so, can you point me in the right direction? I’m an Armenian descendant whose ancestors were murdered by the turks!

  10. Hana says:

    The reason California can’t name the tax code as “Armenian Geniocide Victum Fund” is because the U.S. govt has not yet recognized the killings as a genocide. Therefore, it’s politically incorrect for CA to name it as such. That’s why it’s named the “Ottoman Turkish Empire Settlement”.

  11. Jim says:

    Gotta love google. All the people who were doing TurboTax (from 2007 even) and saw “Ottoman Turkish Empire Settlement Payments”- and just needed to know more, ended up in this pleasant little webbackwater. Who knew?

    POET ALERT! If no one has thought of it, Turbo Tax would be good source for poetry, I think.

  12. William says:

    Yelp, I’m a first generation American Armenian. My father came over when he was a boy. He would have nothing to do with this money, to him it is (his words) “Blood Money”. The recognition of the terrible crimes is more important.

    god bless America!

  13. Noyam says:

    My mother came to America fleeing the Turks. As soon as I saw the title of the California tax refering to the “Ottoman Empire” I knew imediately that it refered to the genocide, any Armenian would know.

  14. Osman says:

    ‘Armenian Geniocide Victum Fund’ this is doesn’t make sense I’m a Ottoman who lives in Turkey. I’m so curious about this situation why is california state care about this. We didn’t murder anyone. We just defended our honour from ingrate Armenians. on the contrary they killed and raped the peasants in Ottoman villages.You just talk through one’s hat without knowing the social situation of the Ottoman Empire and situation of the war…

  15. Louise says:

    I too am a descendant of an Armenian family who’s brothers and sisters were murdered, put in homes and set on fire because of their belief in God. It affected my mother until her death. Which you can imagine affect our entire home. I must say though that there were Turkish Believers that saved my Grandmother and my mother who was in her womb in 1915. But how can the people in America today benefit from a tax relief? Especially when the emotional scars will be forever on those of us who’s parents suffered the most?

  16. Phil says:

    Ding! Me too… TurboTax… @ Osman: Dont hate. Educate. The original poster asked if there is a story here. There was no hat talking.

  17. eric says:

    I agree. Don’t hate. Educate.

    I think it would be worth while for a Turk and Armenian to fully switch sides and see each others story with an open mind. I attempted that it Turkey 18 years ago and the on going theme was kindness and friendliness towards me by the locals. They knew about my Armenian ancestry and my story but treated me with brotherly love. They took me into their homes, fed me and gave me a place to sleep. They did however, on countless occasions acknowledge that it is in the government’s interest to bury the story of the Armenians. It is a story that tarnishes their great leader’s attempt to modernize Turkey during the turn of the century. I think it is on par with President Jefferson’s ownership of slaves. He was a great man that did great things but took part in a shameful way of life – at least shameful today.

    It appears to me that a nation like Turkey can still be great and proud and still recognize it’s faults. You can’t simply kill 1.5 million Armenians within your borders and defend that as war. Especially since it was some heavily documented in stories and photos throughout the world. And especially since most of them were children and women.

    Look, AMERICA, is a great country. But we have committed crimes against the Natives and against Blacks but recognize it. No one attempts to deny it or bury it. How can you if you want to be great.

  18. Apocryphon says:

    I wonder if the Kardashians qualify for this. Or System of a Down.

  19. TallBob says:

    U.S. Genocide on American Indians Settlement Payment?

  20. Frank says:

    But what does this horrible event in history have to do with tax deductions in CA?

  21. Murat says:

    If you guys want to know the truth, you have to dig the history books, let me make the long story short; Armenians have been living with Turks more than 500 years there was no problems everybody was free with their religion and language. When the power of Ottoman Empire weakened, empire attacked by Russia, most Armenians take the side of Russians, and when the French atacked Ottomans, again hundereds of years of frindship has forgetten, and the new invader’s (French)side was taken. The Ottoman government decide to deport all Armenians,not massacre. If you read the history you will know excatly what happened.