Early feedback on PMOG – Needs Community

March 14th, 2007

Okay PMOG is super early in its life, but it intrigues me on a couple of levels (not the least of which is the engaging archetype art).

However there are some things about it which are broken. Not surprising in and of itself, but in the process of trying to report said broken-ness I ran into a larger problem.

No community space.

There is a Google Group but it’s a moderated announce only kind of thing (HINT: thats what you’re blog is for!) not a public discussion space. No message boards, no wiki (though presumably we could start one, Twitter Fan style), no groups.

Someone needs to see Andy’s talk about group forming, social software, and out of band spaces.

Especially for a game, a social game, an experimental game.

Uninstalled for now, in an attempt to reduce unexplainable spinnies.

4 responses to “Early feedback on PMOG – Needs Community”

  1. Duncan Gough says:

    Point take, and well made. There are forums up and running now, which should fill in the obvious gap:


    We’ve done a bit of mid-stream horse-changing as the influx of users made the lack of community space look a little ill judged. Hopefully, in time, we can tempt you back as more of the basic features are added.

  2. kellan says:

    Duncan. Good stuff.

    Also need to re-enable and check it out again soon!

  3. Joe Iron says:

    Can someone give me an invite to PMOG.com

  4. dav2 says:

    PMOG died. Join us at http://tnnrefugees.ning.com please?