2 responses to “dens + alex quit google.”

  1. I’m still a little burned by the TechCrunch review a few weeks ago that picked Dodgeball over Twitter. This event seems obvious.

    I heard the Cisco M&A guys on a podcast once talk about the rational reasons for doing acquisitions and the process they have for retaining acquired employees. They claimed 70% retention of those employees over a 15 year period. The secret seemed to be to have a real business reason for acquiring the company in the first place. Things came naturally after that.

  2. kellan says:

    Tony that had to be one of the worst TC articles ever, maybe them seem really out of touch. (which has got to be bad for their brand!)

    I’m bummed about this because Dens+Alex are the kind of crazy/creative/cool folks you want to believe can prosper inside of a big co, but another blow to that idea.