• August 24, 2007

    Dare: Microformats are not an API.

    I’m on record as a microformat fan — they’re an awesome low impact largely social hack — appropriate technology for a world without APIs. That said I’ve been hesitant to add them to Flickr for the reason that APIs are better: better for us, better for you and I would hate to confuse people about this. That said Operator is the compelling counter argument, and why I’ve been sprinkling microformats and RDFa around the site lately.

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3 responses to “Dare: Microformats are not an API”

  1. Sam Sethi says:

    Hi Kellan

    Checkout the FF 3.0a7 build and how you can add in the microformat.js to the build and then programmatically call to see if there are microformats. Not an API I agree but getting closer

  2. If microformats are not APIs (which I agree with), then calling APIs better and using that as a justification for not using microformats doesn’t make much sense.

    Microformats have reached the stage where you almost have to ask, why not use them? Why wouldn’t you use semantically rich markup if all it required were some template and CSS tweaks? You’d be publishing cleaner data, and you’d be enabling interesting applications at little cost to yourself.

  3. kellan says:

    Sam, yeah they make sense for situations where the client is already parsing the HTML

    Eugene, the issue is with people scraping the HTML looking for microformats instead of using the API. (perhaps I should have quoted more of Dare’s original post) I realize that it isn’t a reason not to add them, but I do worry about people getting confused.